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"Minutely planning each milestone and meeting it scrupulously”

Quality Policy

To become competitive in the Indian market and to make global presence in the Information Technology Sector with commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, satisfying the needs and expectations of customers, leveraging modern technology with mission to impart lives for better tomorrow.

Quality Objectives
  • Generate unique products with competitive advantage in Quality, Price, Delivery & Services.
  • To increase the resource management efficiency.
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction.
  • Stakeholder satisfaction, by guaranteeing continued growth and profitability.

Excellence in quality at JILIT begins at the very start of a product’s design and development. Our effort in conceptualized quality is defined as the methods used to design, manufacture, deliver and support a product, service or solution destined for use by a customer. This set of methods, guided by the quality management system, are precisely defined and continuously improved, and are applied from the beginning to end of every project.

The requirements for each project are clearly defined, which guides the management of every new project. The thoroughness and accuracy of these requirements directly determines the quality of the finished product and our ability to meet customer expectations. The project requirements go hand in hand with detailed planning. Throughout the project’s life, key indicators allow the team to monitor progress.

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