Digital Document Management System (DDMS) designed and developed by JILIT caters to the ever growing need of the market to bring in efficiency and security in the working system of any organisation. Handling of documents has always been a task in itself. DDMS helps store, retrieve, access, secure, organise, manage and share all critical documents.

It includes every action taken with a document within an organization, with respect to the creation, distribution and deletion of documents. It ensures tracking and storing electronic documents and/or images of paper documents in a secured manner. The system has a wider scope which can be applied to small as well as big organizations.

Key Features
  • A true 3 Tier Architecture application which can be deployed both on Internet and Intranet.
  • Endowed with relevant state-of-the-art security features.
  • Maintains work flow of document approvals wherein they are approved using digital signatures.
  • MetaData Indexing Capability. The application will capture MetaData related to various Documents.
  • Various versions of the document can be maintained.
  • Search Facility - The system has a search facility on MetaData or Keywords to retrieve the documents.
  • Restrictions on downloading and printing of the file/document.
  • Easy and Remote accessibility of documents
  • Reduce costs associated with manual documents
  • Paperless business process efficiency
  • Improved document search, security and control
  • Promote sharing of knowledge and information
  • Audit trail showing who has accessed or updated the documents
  • Publish documents to CD, DVD or the web, as appropriate
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