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I.T Infrastructure Management

It is not just hardware anymore. Managing the Information Technology (IT) itself has become one of the most vital components of running a successful business operation.

What does managing IT infrastructure mean? Most people think it is some sort of a hardware which is installed and that some software will help in streamlining the business module that you have created. While this was true some years ago, today, the process has a wider meaning to it.

From computers installed at an office to printers, networking for the internet, intra and inter office connectivity like firewalls, switches to routers to printers, operating systems are all part of the IT infrastructure management system now.

However, simply put, the idea is to ideate anything that has information technology tagged to it.

The process also involves setting up and installing new software on servers or on personal computers and setting up of new accounts for new users or employees.

Software maintenance and development apart from upgrading them from time to time and making sure they are adaptable as the company grows are all part of the IT infrastructure management.

Problem solving and trouble-shooting is also part of managing IT infrastructure. When a PC breaks down or hangs or when a printer breaks down or does not respond the IT IM team has to crack down the issue or set up the needed helpdesk for problem solving.

IT infrastructure management has become integral part of businesses today irrespective of their size, country of origin or the number of people working in the business. From aviation to electronics, from healthcare to energy every business or corporation depend extensively on their IT infrastructure management teams especially to ensure that there is no data loss and for maximum security for their data.

Most companies have clearly divided categories for IT infrastructure Management which are: Network and Security Management, Database Management and administration, Application and incident Management, IT Help Desk, 24×7 Application Support and Configuration support.
Network and Security management are important part of the IT Infrastructure management as they help in preventing unauthorized access to computer network of the corporation. This is also needed to ensure that no data theft happens.

Database Management and administration means, streamlining data and making it user friendly while also continually updating the existing data and managing it. Configuring software to either individual PCs or even to servers come under this section.

Incident Management is a simple process of making sure that all operations run smoothly. If an incident does occur, then it is the duty of the incident management team to restore it as soon as possible and ensure that the said incident doesn’t have any damage or has minimum damage or impact to the corporation or business.

IT Help Desk, 24×7 Application Support and Configuration support team supports all employees IT needs such as configuring systems and servers and helping employees out with IT related issues.

Over all, IT infrastructure management teams help at both micro economic levels and at macro levels helping employees work smoothly and helping businesses develop better.

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