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JIL Information Technology Ltd. (JILIT), established in the year 2000, is the Info-tech arm of the Jaypee Group with a comprehensive portfolio of product and service offerings covering the key elements of Information Technology and Education. This is blended with an innovative approach to technology by integrating technical expertise and creative intelligence which positions it as a quality "One Stop Shop IT Services Provider".

JILIT has set up and operates one of the largest Private Networks of VSAT. It manages the entire IT Infrastructure of the various Group Companies and Educational Institutions. It has the distinction of implementing SAP solution for the Group on a countrywide scale.

JILIT, an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and CMMI-DEV, V1.3 Company has set up a Network Monitoring Centre (NMC) to monitor business operations and performance using business intelligence tools like SAS for MIS and financial consolidation for Jaypee Group.

The company specializes in providing the following solutions and services:
  • IT Infrastructure Management & Services: JILIT's team of professionals are into designing, creating and managing all types of IT infrastructure requirements of any organisation which include LAN, WAN, Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Site, IT based security and surveillance through CCTV and Biomatrix Systems, collaboration service using IP Telephony and Video Conferencing and many more. We manage effectively and efficiently secured information & networks to satisfy the business requirements and safeguard information against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage or loss.
  • JILIT has expertise in developing Customized ERP/Software Solutions. It has ventured into the areas of Education, Healthcare, Defence, Manufacturing and Power Sectors. Some of the key software solutions are BIZ Connect, Campus Lynx, School Connect, Online Test, Hospital Information System, Performance Management System, Smart Card Based Procurement Software, Flight Duty Time Limitation, Hand Held Device Solutions and Golf Course Management Software.
  • SAP Implementation & Support Services: JILIT provides SAP solutions and services which help create efficient processes to achieve business goals.
  • JILIT specializes in designing and developing Static, Dynamic and CMS based Websites/ Web-Portals.
  • Multimedia Services & Content Development: JILIT has ventured into Industrial Multimedia, where complex industrial processes can be explained through rich simulations. We take on customized development of eLearning projects on turnkey basis.
  • Teaching-Learning Solution: India's First Digital Classroom Teaching Aid - Bhartiyavidya was conceived, designed and developed by JILIT for the K 12 segment. Bhartiyavidya Plus, an advanced version of Bhartiyavidya has several add-on components which makes it a very versatile teaching tool. Further our expertise lies in developing and deploying Satellite and IPTV based content.
  • JILIT has innovated an array of Document Management Solutions (Digitisation), deploying techniques to store & manage large quantity of documents thereby making the document easily and remotely accessible.
  • JILIT has expertise to impart Skill Based Training. It is registered as a Vocational Training Provider (VTP) in the States of Karnataka and Jharkhand.
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